Vaccines Only Work For Around 8 Months, Investigators Found

( The results of a new study reveal that AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines may only be effective in protecting people from catching COVID-19 for a period of less than six months. The study, which documented data collected from a mobile phone app that has more than one million users, revealed that booster shots may soon be a reality for people all over the world.

It comes as the World Health Organization criticizes various Western governments for initiating booster job programs for fully vaccinated people even as millions of people all over the world who want the vaccine have yet to receive their first dose.

The data, which was analyzed by researchers and scientists from King’s College London, used log details to discover that the Pfizer COVID vaccine is around 88% effective one month after receiving the second dose, but that effectiveness drops to 74% after six months.

The Zoe Covid Study used more than 1.2 million people to determine the effectiveness of the vaccines, learning how many people who have received the jab ultimately became infected with the virus.

It also revealed how the AstraZeneca vaccine – made by the British – dropped from being 77% effective a month after the second dose was administered down to 67% after around five months – which is slightly more effective than the Pfizer jab.

Still, it suggests that the vaccines are not providing long-term protection, and data may end up showing that people who have already naturally recovered from the virus are more protected against the virus on a long-term basis than those who have received the vaccine.

The head scientist behind the app, known as “Zoe,” is Professor Tim Spector. He told the press that more data is still needed to determine how the vaccine effectiveness varies according to specific factors like age – but at this point, it looks pretty certain that governments will be mandating or at least encouraging booster shots into the new year and perhaps beyond.