VIDEO: Antifa Extremist Knocks Out Black Man’s Teeth, Crowd Calls Him N-Word

( Over the weekend, disturbing video footage emerged of a far-left extremist from the Antifa movement punching a black free speech activist and knocking out his teeth. The video was filmed in San Francisco at a Free Speech Rally and Protest organized by a black man.

In the video, members of the leftist crowd can be heard shouting the N-word and other racial slurs at the black free speech activist.

The footage shows that Philip Anderson, who organized the rally in San Francisco, helped a white man walk through a crowd of angry left-wing extremists and Antifa activists. As the two walk through the crowd, a man dressed entirely in black comes from nowhere and punches Anderson in the face.

Those familiar with Antifa will know how members of the “Black Bloc” wear all-black outfits. These are the most extreme activists in Antifa who will conceal their identity with black masks and engage in violent acts and even commit acts of terrorism in the name of their left-wing cause.

Footage shows Anderson recoiling from the hit, holding his jaw and ear. Just seconds later, the man comes back with another blow and punches Anderson in the mouth. It immediately knocks out his front teeth, and while he recoils again from the attacker, leftists can be heard mocking him, shouting, “Cry about it! Cry about it!”

While the attack was taking place, mostly-white Antifa activists can also be heard shouting the N-word on several occasions.

“Back up, N-word!” the activist can be heard shouting in the video.

Both Anderson and the man he was walking with then climb over a police barricade to escape the violent extremists.

Anderson posted a picture of the damage done to his teeth on Twitter, calling the activist responsible “racist terrorists.”

After going on to speak at his rally and then attending the hospital, Anderson asked Joe Biden if he still believes Antifa is “just an idea.”

Of course, we would show you the tweets he sent…if Twitter hadn’t suspended his account. Instagram also appears to have suspended Anderson’s account.

What are they so afraid of?