VIDEO: Biden Gets Confused Mid-Sentence During Press Conference

( Joe Biden has started giving press conferences after being absent for literally months. The presumptive Democratic presidential candidate made an appearance before journalists, briefly, while stopping by Philadelphia on Wednesday…and it didn’t go so well. Biden sat at a desk with a prepared written statement in front of him, and didn’t appear to be able to read it without getting confused.

Biden also engaged in a discussion with journalists about the Chinese coronavirus pandemic and the reopening efforts taking place all over the country.

The former vice president, who left a face mask dangling off one ear, became visibly confused, lost his place, and told the journalists, “I don’t know.” See for yourself.

“You know the rapidly rising, uh, um, uh, in the, with the, I don’t know, uh,” he said. Biden looked away from his notes and tried to compose himself, before reverting back to an attack on President Donald Trump.

“His, his, just inability to focus on any responsibility,” he said.

What inability? While Joe Biden has been locked up at home for months, President Donald Trump has been working with leading medical and scientific experts to guide a staged reopening of the United States economy.

This isn’t the first time Biden has gotten confused during an interview or a press conference, and it likely won’t be the last. On Tuesday, Biden appeared in an online discussion with the NAACP, in which he appeared to forget the office to which he was first elected. Take a look.

“You’ve been with me for a long, long time, lifetime member,” Biden said. “Got educated by the NAACP starting back in 1970 as a congressman, we were trying to – excuse me, as a councilman.”

Hardly the worst thing Biden has done, but it fits a wider trend. It wasn’t long ago that Biden forgot the name of President Barack Obama, labeling him “my boss,” when he forgot. He also called former Prime Minister Theresa May “Margaret Thatcher,” and told an audience during his presidential campaign that he was running for Congress.