Violent Threat Issued Over The Arrest Of Indio Leader

( While Western “human rights” non-governmental organizations shamefully remain silent, the corrupt Brazilian Supreme Court is persecuting Indios who are protesting their disenfranchisement. For the offense of free speech, four more Indio residents have been detained. If Xavante tribal Chief Serere is not released, supporters have warned, “there will be blood.”

The abusive Supreme Court used Chief Serere Xavante’s brutal arrest in front of his wife and kids on Monday as a pretext to incite violence and send out provocateurs to riot.

“Blood will be shed” if you don’t order the release of our Chief, an unnamed Indio was quoted as saying by journalist Fernanda de Salles.

In the case of Chief Serere Xavante, attorney Ricardo Vasconcelos filed an appeal with the Inter-American Court of Human Rights-

Because Serere is a tribal leader, his arrest constitutes a crime under Articles 58 and 59 of Statute 6001/73 and violates due process and the Indigenous people’s unique legal status. A leader of the indigenous peoples has been detained for the first time in modern times for the crime of free speech, and his lawyers cannot defend him because they are unaware of the specific charges against him. This indicates a tyrannical government where anyone with a different opinion is subject to arrest. Due to its lack of definition, the charge of endangering democracy is not a crime.

“They are hiding in tents outside the Planalto Military Command for fear of being apprehended,” according to Pastor Chief Kleber, a member of the same tribe as Serere, who was speaking in Brazil.

The Supreme Electoral Court is pursuing the Indio chiefs, according to Kleber. “The police treat us like criminals, but they’re the ones acting like criminals,” one person complained. Yesterday, four more Indio residents reportedly faced arrest.

Kleber pleaded with the international courts to act on our behalf. He urged all Brazilians of indigenous descent to support the demonstrations, saying, “If you love Brazil, if you love your country, speak up for us.” “I appeal to all indigenous people, truck drivers, farmers, and businesspeople because if we can’t stop the communists, Brazil will resemble Venezuela in a year.”

Many indigenous people in Brazil support President Bolsonaro because he respects them and stands up for them in the face of Western “climate” activists who want to reduce them to prehistoric levels of existence and deny them the right to their land in the name of the “environment.”

Shamefully, leftist “journalists” like Thomas Traumann of the Guardian keep their mouths shut about the mistreatment of indigenous people because they only want to defend their corrupt, imprisoned Communist candidate, Lula da Silva.