“Viral” Video By Liberal Media Targets DeSantis For Alleged Book Bannings

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- An 18-second video posted by a Jacksonville-based Twitter user shows a number of empty bookcases in an elementary school’s library.

With more than 5 million views, the video of the Florida school’s empty bookcases attempting to adhere to a Ron DeSantis-backed rule requiring the approval of books in classroom libraries has gone viral.

The new rule forbids books with explicit content, especially pornographic material, from being used in schools.

Many people on Twitter reacted to the video by pointing out how odd it was that Florida schools were compelled to empty their classroom bookcases when the state commemorated Literacy Week, a weeklong campaign promoting the value of reading.

The left doesn’t seem to be able to connect the dots that this policy wouldn’t be necessary if they didn’t push books on children featuring graphic pornography under the guise of “progress.”

If law-breaking books are discovered on a classroom’s shelves, instructors might be charged with a crime under the “curriculum transparency” statute. Parents may also file a complaint under the guidelines if they believe a book is inappropriate for their children.

This is what happens when the left goes too far. Yet, they say this is the right going too far.

According to media reports, a number of school district officials have been rushing to adhere to new rules imposed by the state earlier this month.

According to the HB 1467 law, which was supported by the state’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis and approved in March of last year, teachers are required to remove books from the classroom that are not on the state-approved reading list, at least until a staff member with a media specialist certificate has reviewed those books.

The rule has generated a lot of controversies since LGBTQ rights groups fear that it may be used to ban homosexual content from bookstores.

This is a well-worn left-wing tactic-  scare people into believing it’s a slippery slope when they fully know that the complaint here was shoveling adult content, homosexual or straight, on children.