Vladimir Putin Admits Giant Desertions

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that the country is experiencing desertions in its war against Ukraine, according to Breitbart. He reportedly claimed that the desertions were happening “less and less now,” and are not a large issue for the country, despite acknowledging that the military did face operational problems, including “soldiers…who have left their combat positions.”

The head of state also claimed that the demilitarization of eastern Ukraine is a “lengthy process” as citizens have been fighting the Ukrainian government for eight years and are accustomed to war.

The remarks came during a meeting with the Human Rights Council just days before International Human Rights Day, which the world observes on December 10. Putin spent some of the time talking about how the Russian council is a legitimate bastion of human rights contrary to those that exist in the West. He called those organizations “racist” for believing that Russia did not have a “right to exist.”

The comments come as the country’s recent “special military campaign” approaches almost a year after Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia first invaded the country’s Crimea peninsula in March 2014 and colonized it as its own. Throughout the next eight years, Russia reportedly waged a proxy war in the Donbass regions where pro-Russia separatists continue to fight.

Putin began the most recent invasion by intending to oust Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling his administration a Nazi regime and a threat to Russia’s national security. Putin also blamed the country’s insistence on joining the NATO alliance, which he also claims will jeopardize security.

During the meeting, Putin congratulated the Russian Human Rights Council for allegedly exposing Zelensky’s Nazis.

“Importantly, you continue exposing the crimes of the Nazi regime that has asserted itself in a neighboring country,” Putin said, adding that the Donbass region has suffered and been ignored for eight years by the international community.