Vladimir Putin Assassination Attempt Tried, More Likely

19fortyfive.com reports that on Wednesday morning, news emerged that two Ukrainian drones had launched a nocturnal attack on Vladimir Putin’s living quarters inside the Kremlin site in Moscow. According to Russian officials, this was a terrorist attack.

The drone was purportedly shot down by the Russian military. The Kremlin said that Putin had suffered no injuries and that the event had not disrupted his schedule.

According to Russian state media, the Russian capital of Moscow has banned all UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), with the exception of those used for government purposes. Moscow’s crisis center reportedly signed the prohibition procedure at a meeting, as reported by City Hall.

19fortyfive reveals it has been widely stated that Putin avoids flying due to security concerns and instead takes a hidden train to move throughout Russia. According to a news source, all of the Russian leader’s principal mansions are now linked to train lines, and underground stations are being created so that the Russian leader may restrict his time in the air.

According to reports, Ukraine denied Russia’s claim that it attempted to murder President Vladimir Putin with a UAV strike on the Kremlin overnight, and nationalists in Moscow have demanded vengeance. Russian officials made the allegations on Wednesday.

The Kremlin’s charge, issued without proof, was the most recent in a series of episodes that occurred far from the front lines of the battle. Ukrainian officials have denied any involvement in the event and raised concerns that it may be used as cover for a further Russian invasion of their country.

A report reveals the United States was not informed of any potential drone strike on the presidential palace by Ukraine, according to three senior American officials. Since Russia has an abundance of air defense systems, some of the officials doubted that an unmanned aircraft could reach so near to the Kremlin.