Vladimir Putin Says Russia Will Reach Herd Immunity Soon

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent claim that his country will reach herd immunity soon is casting doubt on the science pushed by Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Biden White House, given that only four million Russians – of a population of more than 144 million – have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine so far.

If Russia can reach herd immunity, why is America still locked down?

The Russian president claimed that the country was on track to achieve herd immunity by the end of summer during an interview with Rossiya 1 TV, during which he also stated that he experienced side effects after taking the vaccine.

More than 4.5 million COVID-19 infections have been officially registered by the country so far, and with only a handful of millions of Russian having been fully vaccinated, the country falls far short of the estimated 50-70% of the population immunity requirement.

Herd immunity only occurs when so much of the population is immune to the transmissible disease that it becomes harder to spread, ultimately protecting even those who aren’t immune.

Roughly 100 million Americans have so far received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 16% of the population – around 53 million – have now received both doses of the vaccine.

That means the United States should be on track to reach herd immunity within a matter of months, and yet, President Joe Biden has insisted that the pandemic may only begin to change after Christmas, and Dr. Anthony Fauci has even indicated that America could be wearing masks until the end of 2022.

On March 30, Vox reported that the United States is on track to vaccinate all Americans by July 4. So why is President Biden still so negative about it?

“At current rates, then, America could fully vaccinate up to 255 million people by July 4 — covering the entire adult population. (This is assuming about one-third of doses are the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which, unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, requires one shot instead of two)” the outlet claimed.

If Russia can escape lockdown with herd immunity despite a smaller percentage of the population being vaccinated and some two-thirds of the population skeptical about taking it in the first place, then the Biden administration has some questions to answer…