Vladimir Putin Used “Hypersonic” Weapons In Latest Ukraine Attack 

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Up to six hypersonic missiles, which are almost impossible to defend against, were launched during Russia’s massive missile onslaught against numerous cities and energy infrastructure locations in Ukraine on Thursday. The overall number of projectiles presently stands at 95. 

For the first time, so many different kinds of missiles have been used in one assault,” a spokesperson for the Ukrainian armed forces stated. As many as six Kinzhal were employed. “Something like this has never happened in an assault before,” he said. 

Air Force Command spokesman Yurii Ihnat went on to say that, so far, they cannot fight these weapons. Six X-22 air-launched cruise missiles were also launched, it was reported.  

On Thursday, the Kremlin confirmed using hypersonics, albeit they did not specify how many were utilized. 

Even though hypersonic missiles have been launched on rare occasions throughout the previous year of conflict, this is the first time that so many have been deployed in one day. Being the first war in which contemporary weaponry has been used against actual enemies, the conflict in Ukraine is a prime example of this generalization. 

A projectile traveling at Mach 5 or faster is considered hypersonic. According to reports, the Kinzhal can reach Mach 10 (7,672 mph) speeds, making it very difficult for even the most sophisticated missile defense systems to intercept and destroy it due to its unpredictable flight path. Air-launched from Tu-22M3 bombers or MiG-31K interceptors, Russian President Vladimir Putin initially showed off this advanced armament in 2018. 

The widespread use of hypersonics on Thursday is likely also a warning to Washington and NATO that they must remain out of the fight when they escalate their engagement by supplying heavier armaments like combat tanks. 

The Kremlin claimed that the missile strike on Thursday was in “retaliation” for the March 2 terror assault on Russian territory near Ukraine. Two people were murdered, and a 10-year-old kid was wounded when armed Ukrainian nationalists, according to reports, crossed into Russia’s southern Bryansk region and opened fire on communities. They started shooting at people when they saw there were kids in the vehicle, President Putin has said before.