Voting Mistake “Accident” Allows Pelosi To Leave Her Mark In House Vote

( The $1.9 billion bill for Capitol Security funding passed the House of Representatives on Thursday May 20 by one vote – 213 to 212.

And it could have been defeated if one Congressman didn’t have the memory of a sieve.

Texas Republican John Carter was not able to be present for the vote, so he had given authority for his vote to be cast by proxy. Carter had included in his proxy statement that Congressman Ken Calvert (R-CA) was to cast the “No” vote on Carter’s behalf.

And Calvert forgot to do it.

Calvert remembered to cast Carter’s vote on the motion to recommit the bill (that precedes the final vote). But when the time came for the final vote for the bill, it slipped his mind.

Two Republicans missed the vote on Thursday – John Carter and Florida Republican Congressman Daniel Webster. Webster, however, opposes the use of proxy voting in the House which he considers unconstitutional.

House rules were changed to allow proxy voting in lieu of in-person voting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And despite the relaxing of COVID guidelines, the House has yet to end the practice.

Nor has Speaker Pelosi ended her requirement that all members of the House wear masks.

Last week, Speaker Pelosi scoffed at the idea of easing masking to reflect the CDCs new guidelines for vaccinated people – claiming Republicans couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth about their vaccination status.

In response, nearly a dozen Republicans are refusing to comply with Pelosi’s mask requirements – including Brian Mast (FL), Beth Van Duyne (TX), and Thomas Massie (KY). In response, Pelosi has fined six Republicans $500 for violating her mandate.

For his part, Congressman Massie posted a photo of Pelosi’s letter lying in his trash can.

Naturally, the very same day Speaker Pelosi railed against Republicans going maskless, she was shown maskless among a maskless crowd at the White House for a bill signing ceremony.

The $1.9 billion spending bill passed by a squeaker would pay back the National Guard and Washington DC for the costs incurred for turning DC into a militarized zone in the wake of the January 6 melee at the Capitol. It also provides funding to create a response force to aid the Capitol Police in emergencies as well as boost security for members of Congress. Additionally, it will cover the cost to fortify windows and doors in the Capitol.

But mostly the bill is a largely symbolic and costly attempt to further advance the narrative that “democracy” was “under attack” by a bunch of “insurrectionists.”