Wall Street Journal Asks GOP To Dump Trump

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The day before Donald Trump officially announced his run for the 2024 Republican nomination, the Wall Street Journal editorial board urged Republican voters to say no to Trump in 2024, noting that Democrats, and not Republicans, would be “elated” if Trump was the nominee.

The editorial board argued that Democrats view Donald Trump as the “easiest candidate to beat one more time.”

According to the board, Trump’s motivation for sticking to his scheduled announcement despite advisors urging him to wait until after the Georgia runoff was to “try to clear the Republican field of potential competitors,” most notably Governors Ron DeSantis and Glenn Youngkin who have already shown they can win in “competitive states.”

The Journal board also believes that Trump’s premature announcement could have been his way of trying to “get ahead of a possible Justice Department indictment.”

The editorial acknowledges the former president’s accomplishments while in office, including energy independence, Middle East peace, and conservative justice. At the same time, the board believes that Trump’s flaws, namely his “narcissism, lack of self-control, abusive treatment of advisers, his puerile vendettas,” got in the way of his accomplishments.

The board also argues that a Trump 2024 comeback would have been successful had he only conceded the 2020 election rather than spending the last two years repeating his claim that the election was stolen from him. This “election denialism,” the board argues, already proved to be a losing issue during the 2022 midterms.

What’s more, if “by some miracle” Trump won in 2024, the board writes, he would enter office as a lame-duck President.

But the board believes the decision on whether to nominate Trump again rests solely with Republican primary voters.

The board writes that it would have been better for the GOP and the country if Donald Trump “ceded the field to the next generation of Republican leaders” and let them “compete for the nomination in 2024.”

But if Trump insists on running in the primaries, the board writes, then it will be up to Republican voters to decide if they’re willing to “nominate the man most likely to produce a GOP loss and total power for the progressive left.”