Walmart Backtracks, Won’t Enforce Mask Rule After Fights Break Out

( Walmart recently announced that its stores would be implementing a nationwide policy that requires customers to wear masks. Several other stores, including Home Depot, did exactly the same – but after several fights broke out over it, the brands are backtracking on the policy. Walmart will no longer enforce the mask rule, allowing people to enter the store without masks if they prefer.

It comes after reports of a Starbucks worker being punched in the face in California after asking a customer to wear a mask. The Daily Wire reports how a couple of weeks ago, a man in New York allegedly assaulted a bartender as well as the manager of the bar after being asked to wear a mask.

You know the Democrats will want to blame this on the Republicans, but the fact of the matter is that people all over the country, left and right, are getting increasingly angry over mandate mask wearing. It stands to reason that some unhinged and violent people will lash out when being asked to don a mask, and Walmart has recognized the policy could put people in danger.

Walgreens, CVS, and Lowe’s have joined Walmart and Home Depot in backtracking on their policy, announcing that customers can be served even if they don’t wear a mask. Instead, the brands will encourage people to wear them if they feel comfortable doing so. CNN reports how the retailers are aiming to avoid confrontations between staff and employees.

In the United Kingdom, a mandated mask rule was implemented by the government on July 24th which requires people to wear masks while in stores. Many of the nation’s biggest supermarkets, however, announced that they would not be challenging customers who do not wear the masks as they appreciate that some people have medical conditions that mean they cannot wear them.

The wearing of masks has also been mandated by several states across America, but as with the supermarkets in the UK, there are loopholes. In Virginia, the statewide order requires residents to wear masks when out in public, but people who suffer from medical conditions that could be worsened by the wearing of a mask are not required to. Stores, not wanting to ask people about their medical issues, don’t ask people about it when they arrive.

What’s the lesson here? Probably that people should be trusted to make the right decision on their own, right?