Washington D.C. Gives Voting Rights to Prisoners In Emergency Legislation

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Following the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Washington D.C. lawmakers have passed emergency legislation to reform the region’s police department. The new legislation is a direct response to the death of Floyd, which has prompted widespread riots and demands from mainstream Democrats to defund police departments.

The District of Columbia bill, which is expected to be formalized in autumn, packs a whole list of reforms including granting voting rights to people in jail and even changing the way police officers make arrests and conduct searches.

Make no mistake, this is a total transformation of how the police force operates in Washington, D.C.

According to WUSA9, the bill was also revised to include more provisions. The original legislation would have forced police departments to hand over the names and footage of police officers who are involved with the deaths of civilians. The police department will have five days to do so and will be required to release footage and names of any officers involved with deadly incidents since 2014 when body cameras were introduced.

The revised bill also gives the family members of people who have been killed during arrests to prevent footage of the incident going public. Revisions also focus on the use of force, stopping officers from being able to use force to apprehend suspects if they believe they committed a crime. Officers will have very limited scope to use force in the future, which let’s face it, means more people will be able to successfully run from the police and resist arrest.

The D.C. Police Union doesn’t support the bill and publicly stated that it will put police officers at a dangerous disadvantage when it comes to enforcing the law.

In a statement, they claimed that it is “beyond comprehension that an entire deliberative body of legislators would so hastily make such extreme changes without the proper input and review.”

“What we say today was a disservice to the citizens of the District of Columbia who have been plagued with violent crime for years,” the statement continued. “The councilmembers are seizing on the public sentiment to impose these changes that will significantly handicap the department for years to come.”

How does making it easier for criminals to escape the police benefit anyone, particularly in a place already plagued with crime?