Watchdog Group Pressures Biden Admin To Answer Questions On Child Trafficking

( America First Legal, a conservative legal watchdog, is ramping up the pressure on the Biden administration to respond to multiple reports that reveal how unaccompanied minors are being released from federal custody straight into the hands of human traffickers.

It comes as the Department of Homeland Security is reportedly preparing for as many as 400,000 illegal aliens to be intercepted by border agents on the United States southern border in October – almost double the number of people apprehended in the month of July.

AFL has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Administration for Children and Families, which is a department within the Department of Health and Human Services, seeking more information about how the Biden administration is working to protect unaccompanied children after they are released into the United States.

Reports were published by Bloomberg Law in August of this year revealing how federal law enforcement officials were investigating multiple incidents involving illegal alien minors being exploited in illegal labor trafficking schemes.

The report revealed how unaccompanied illegal alien teenagers were being released from government custody into the hands of traffickers who were then sending them to work in agricultural facilities in cities all over the United States.

Is the Biden administration running on a “work will set you free” mindset for these trafficked children?

The AFL has asked the department to provide all documents relating to the post-release check-ins of minor aliens since January 20, 2021, the day that President Joe Biden entered the White House. The organization has also suggested that they have concerns about children being placed with illegal alien adults living in the United States.

What is the Biden administration thinking?