‘We Have a Problem’: ABC News President Announces Independent Probe Into Sex Assault Allegations

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Uh oh. It looks like ABC is about to face its own Cuomo-style investigation, as the president of the news network officially requests an independent investigation into how they handle sexual assault claims. The news comes a day after a lawsuit claimed that a senior producer of Good Morning America on ABC News sexually attacked two female members of staff.

The Wall Street Journal reported how ABC News President Kim Goodwin said that she doesn’t intend to start “sweeping this under the rug” and that she has heard enough information to know that the network “has a problem.” She reportedly made the comments during a video conference call with members of staff.

31-year-old Kirstyn Crawford said that Michael Corn, a senior producer of Good Morning America, rubbed her legs and kissed her on the head without her consent while they were both traveling in an Uber in 2015. She was 25 years old at the time. It occurred when the pair were both traveling to the Academy Awards in Los Angeles as part of their work, and a lawsuit describes how Corn grabbed her hands and said that he wanted to help her career.

Well, that’s creepy.

Corn, probably unsurprisingly to most, has denied the allegation. However, he stopped short of coming up with some complex explanation of why he still believes all women, and just flat out calls the allegations fabrications.

And you would, if they were this serious. The lawsuit also claims that he drunkenly entered Crawford’s hotel room, lay on her bed, and left her feeling terrified and “shaking.”

Corn left the network in April and the investigation will focus on employees who oversaw Corn.