White House Already Eying Next COVID Relief Bill

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Uncontent with plunging the United States into a further $1.9 trillion of debt, President Joe Biden is now reportedly plotting a new COVID relief bill focused on recovering from the catastrophic effects of Democrat-pushed COVID lockdowns.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki during a press briefing on Sunday, the president has always advocated for his “American Rescue Plan” in two stages – “rescue, then recovery.”

If $1.9 trillion spent on (mostly) bailing out badly-run Democrat states and cities is a “rescue” plan…

Psaki indicated that the president would reveal more about the second half of his plan which is expected to focus on infrastructure and encouraging job growth.

Former President Donald Trump advocated for opening businesses up as quickly as possible, with the economy growing under his leadership, but President Joe Biden and his Democrat colleagues in Congress are reportedly considering as much as $3 trillion on a new infrastructure bill.

Of course, mainstream media outlets reported very positively on the news that President Biden is planning on plunging America into irreversibly large national debt.

“Economists are becoming positively giddy about the potential for economic growth this year as President Biden and Congressional Democrats look set to push forward a $3 trillion infrastructure bill,” Axios reported.

The outlet said that S&P is predicting the infrastructure plan will create 2.3 million jobs by 2024 and inject $5.7 trillion into the economy, which is 10 times what was lost during the recession.

Sounds optimistic…more than optimistic.

They even claim that the plan would raise per-capita income by $2,400, which is interesting given that the Biden administration is planning on reversing the Trump tax cuts which significantly increased household incomes during the latter part of his presidency.

But Biden and the Democrats have a lot to make up for. The Census Bureau’s most recent Household Pulse Survey found that over 9 million renters in America are behind on their payments and at risk of being evicted. The Census Bureau also found that some 19.2% of Americans are expecting a reduction in their income over the next month. Shockingly, 10.7% said they don’t even have enough money to eat.

And while all this happens, the Congressional Budget Office is projecting that American national debt will double over the next 30 years. That means almost $60 trillion in debt.

Will America ever recover from the Democrats’ overspending?