White House Predicts More Shortages

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Ukraine is a significant supplier of grains, particularly wheat and corn. The invasion of Ukraine by Putin will inevitably impact, globally, food prices and availability.

On Monday, Jen Psaki addressed the press corp and confirmed that the White House expects parts of the world to undergo severe food shortages.
Ukraine is also a leading exporter of fertilizer and potash, essential to farming. It’s not just a matter of supply chain disruption. There very well be nothing to ship.
“We do anticipate that higher energy fertilizer, wheat, and corn prices could impact the price of growing and purchasing critical food supplies for countries around the world,” said White House press secretary Jen Psaki.
Perhaps trying to mitigate the looming adversity, Psaki said food scarcity was not expected to hit the United States but will impact countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
When prices have already soared, that is a bold statement. Supermarket shelves are noticeably scarce. Scarcity has already begun to hit home.
Both Ukraine and Russia produce a significant percentage of the world’s energy. With insufficient power, an inadequate supply of fertilizer, supply chains diminished, lack of production, and increasing inflation, this creates a perfect storm. We may be heading into a worldwide depression.
Psaki’s assurances that the United States would not suffer seem to be pie in the sky.
Biden recently convened a secret meeting with the world’s largest companies from the food, energy, and financial sectors. The subject of the discussion was, frankly, panic. There is an obvious concern despite Psaki assuring that the White House is doing “everything we can” to “mitigate” food shortages around the world.
”We’re certainly mindful that even if we’re not seeing an impact at this moment that sometimes supply chain impacts can have a lagging impact.”
Phil Levy, chief economist at Flexport, a freight forwarding company based in San Francisco, is not so optimistic. He says that there probably will be no turnaround in 2022
Levy said about supply chains, “My crystal ball gets murky further out.”
For those paying attention to the global supply chain, the idea of returning to anything resembling normal has given way to the realization that this is the new normal.
Pete Buttigieg, the transportation secretary, infamously said Americans upset with gas pieces should buy a Tesla.
But the tone-deaf Buttigieg was seemingly unaware that Tesla announced that they would suffer from supply chain issues and may not be able to fill orders.
Psaki can only hope for a sudden miracle. Public outrage over soaring gas prices and rising food costs threaten the Democrat’s control of congress. Losing in the midterms and losing the white house in 2024 is more likely than not.
Deflection and scapegoating are all they have left.