Whoa: Red Bull FIRES Woke Executives from U.S. Company, INCLUDING THE CEO!

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- While every major corporation and big brand seems to be bending the knee to the woke mob, Red Bull’s parent company in Austria just did the exact opposite. Several woke executives and managers in Red Bull have been fired from their roles…including the CEO of the company.

Have you heard of any other big brand doing this? I think it’s time to start buying more Red Bull…

Reports suggest that Red Bull didn’t purge them specifically because of their political views, which is something the left likes to do. Instead, the executives and managers were fired for not taking their roles seriously, leaking information, and even putting pressure on the company to embrace the far-left Marxist organization “Black Lives Matter.” This is a company taking control of its executives and replacing those who lead it with people who have the best interests of the company at heart.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Austrian company that owns Red Bull “replaced its top U.S. executives amid internal tensions over the closely held company’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Red Bull GmbH said that the North American CEO Stefan Kozak had left the company, along with the North American president and the chief marketing officer. Other executives have stepped in to temporarily fill those roles.

Amy Taylor, the former president, “had been working on diversity and inclusion efforts within the company with Mr. Kozak’s support for several years,” the Journal reported. However, her work met opposition from company higher-ups when she began advocating for Black Lives Matter and supporting the extremist “racial justice” ideas promoted by violent Marxists.

Business Insider also explained that employees from Red Bull leaked a letter, that was signed by some 300 workers in the company, that was sent to Kozak on June 1. The employees complained that the company was silent about the movement, as if Red Bull had some kind of duty to be vocally in support of the violent extremist organization Black Lives Matter.

The question now is…will the incoming Red Bull boycott be big enough for the company to care? Or will it gradually fizzle out and Red Bull will be able to continue operating as a business that offers a wildly popular product for people of all political opinions?

I think we all know the answer…