Whoopi Goldberg Says She Wants To Physically Assault Someone Over Guns

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- After last week’s tragic mass murder at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the last thing the country needed was to hear from the know-nothing, shrieking harpies from “The View.”

Those horrid women are bad enough on a slow news day. When they have the chance to attack Republicans or gun owners, they’re a thousand times worse.

During the broadcast the day after the shooting, co-host Whoopi Goldberg blamed the Republican Party for the horrific act perpetrated by a deranged killer.

Echoing virtually every Blue Check leftist on Twitter, Goldberg spat out her disgust for politicians expressing their “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy like the one in Uvalde.

After playing a clip of gun-grabbing Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy’s Senate floor speech just hours after last Tuesday’s shooting, Goldberg echoed Murphy’s question, “What are we doing?” She demanded to know why “we” always start at square one. Then the angry hag declared that if she hears one more Republican say that his heart is broken, “I’m going to punch somebody.”

With spitting disdain, Whoopi derided “thoughts and prayers,” adding that if their “thoughts and prayers” were genuine, Republicans would’ve “done something by now.”

They have done something. That’s why nearly half the states in the country now permit constitutional carry.

Then the odious Joy Behar piped in, arguing that it was “gaslighting” to say that guns don’t kill people, people do, adding “It’s guns that kill people, okay?”

Really? All by themselves? Guns just leap up and fire of their own accord? Who knew?!

Behar also declared that mental illness had nothing to do with this because if it did, other countries would also have mass murders (fact check: other countries do).

She also attacked the idea of a good guy with a gun, claiming that some good guys die while trying to stop a killer, it is “gaslighting.”

Ah, okay. Since in some instances the good guy with a gun is shot and killed, everybody should be disarmed.

Who’s doing the gaslighting here?