Why Does Harvard Health Institute KEEP CHANGING Testing Expectations?

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, people all over the world have criticized the inconsistencies coming from global health organizations when it comes to recommendations and testing expectations. Reports suggest that Dr. Ashish Jha of the Harvard Global Health Institute is adding to this confusion, and continues changing the number of tests he thinks the United States needs to perform every week.

Analysis of Jha’s public comments shows that the public health official has repeatedly moved the goalposts and changed his recommendation for the number of tests the United States needs to perform as the spread of the virus declined across the United States.

At the beginning of April, Jha said that the United States should be testing 500,000 people per day in order to allow the national economy to begin reopening.

“Testing on this scale – about 500,0000 people daily – is well within our capacity, and as the disease burden comes down, so will the number of tests we need to perform,” he said.

Breitbart News reports that on Wednesday, an official from the White House said that the United States is testing close to 500,000 people every day…but Jha has moved the goalposts. Ten days after his April 8 post, he changed his recommendation from roughly 500,000 tests each day, to at least 500,000 per day and likely more.

“In our analysis below, we estimate that the number of tests needed every day is, at a minimum, 500,000, though we likely need many more,” he said, in contrast to his original claim.

If that wasn’t bad enough – and it was – bad, he then changed his recommendations in a post for NBC News on May 4. This time, it wasn’t a gradual change either…he suggested that some four million tests must be conducted every week, which is more than 570,000 tests per day. An additional 70,000 tests per day, at a minimum, is no small task.

Then, by May 13, he increased that again by saying there should be six million per week.

In around one month, Jha increased his requirement of around 500,000 tests every day to as many as 857,000 tests per day.

Is it any wonder people have no trust in these health organizations>?