WSJ Rips Biden’s Sanctions Against Russia

( President Joe Biden is really having a rough time. After hoping that his threat of sanctions would prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from launching an invasion in Ukraine, even the left-wing press is criticizing the action he has taken since that invasion finally happened.

The Wall Street Journal blasted President Joe Biden’s sanctions against Russia, arguing that they are “hardly the ‘massive consequences’” he promised would occur if Putin went ahead with his rumored threat of invasion.

The paper said that the financial markets quickly figured out that the Russian sanctions were not that big of a deal because they “staged a sharp rebound after Mr. Biden’s remarks.”

“Even more disappointing is the failure to go after the heart of the Kremlin’s power,” the paper added.

The Biden administration implemented a number of sanctions against Russia oligarchs and powerful families, and also put financial restrictions on five of the country’s top banks.

However, the Wall Street Journal noted that Putin runs his county “like a gang in which wealth is shared among cronies by the general population sees few benefits.”

The system, therefore, is easier for Putin and others to enjoy their usual living standards and the lives of average Russians are less important to Putin than it would be to a western leader. For this reason, the sanctions haven’t really worked.

The WSJ argued that “serious sanctions” against Russia would stop all Russians connected to the Putin regime from being able to enter the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

“The restrictions should extend to every wife, child, mistress, cousin, uncle, nephew and close friend they have,” the WSJ noted, adding that Biden is not only failing to implement strict sanctions but has “ducked” questions about his weakness.

How much longer can Biden survive in the White House before being booted out by his own party at this rate?