You’ll Never Believe What Kentucky Did With Planned Parenthood

( – Former Kentucky Republican Governor Matt Bevin twice denied a surgical abortion license to Planned Parenthood — the first one in 2015 — but Andy Beshear, the current Democratic governor in the state, looks to have undone that deed.

Indeed, the state is about to see a second abortion provider be approved after Beshear approved an application for Louisville Planned Parenthood. Initially, the group will be allowed to give abortions temporarily until they receive an inspection at their facility, which will be unannounced. If all goes well, though, it’s expected they will receive a full license.

Bevin denied such a license to Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky once in 2015 because the group didn’t comply with a state law that required abortion facilities to ensure they had transport agreements with both a local hospital and ambulance service to care for their patients in the case that emergency services were needed. Unfortunately, a federal judge struck down that law in 2018; it is currently being appealed.

He then denied a second application in 2016 because Planned Parenthood committed a total of 23 abortions between the beginning of December 2015 and the end of January 26 — and they did so without a license. The group claimed that former Governor Steve Beshear– current Governor Andy Beshear’s father — had given them the OK to do abortions without a license and that an inspection was set to take place soon.

It looks now, though, that the work done by Bevin and his Republican administration is set to be undone by the Democratic administration currently in office. And it’s not as if Kentucky has a good track record of safe, clean abortion facilities.

EMW Women’s Surgical Center, which is in Louisville, is the state’s other abortion provider. In 2017, its facility in Lexington was shut down because it was operating without a license as well as “dirty conditions and expired medicines” that were found during a routine inspection.

The group’s other location, in Louisville, also reportedly didn’t perform TB skin tests on some of its staff members to check for exposure to TB. They had a laundry list of other issues, from failing to store narcotics properly, having expiring medications at the facility and failing to document the training of some staff.

An undercover investigation conducted by Live Action also showed footageof EMW staff in Louisville, “ignoring the sexual abuse of a child and giving misleading abortion counseling.”

This doesn’t sound like a state that should be granting addition abortion licenses when its first one is having such reported problems.