Zelensky Orders Arrest Of His Most Vocal Critic In Ukraine

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Despite vocally opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a well-known YouTuber and vocal opponent of President Zelensky was detained in Spain at the request of the Ukrainian government on allegations of treason and risks extradition.

According to the Ukrainian Security Service, Anatoly Shariy, who has almost 3 million YouTube followers, was apprehended on an international arrest warrant in a combined operation by Spanish and Ukrainian police as part of an international arrest warrant (SBU).

They assert that Shariy has been operating in favor of foreign forces by interfering with Ukraine’s national security through his media comments on the war and engaging in incitement of hatred against Ukrainians.

SBU stated that Shariy’s detention serves as more evidence that every traitor to Ukraine will, sooner or later, suffer their just retribution. There can be no denying that.

The European Union had already granted the blogger refuge in 2012 after fleeing persecution by the pro-Russian regime of Viktor Yanukovich.

Despite his condemnation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Shariy’s criticism of Zelensky’s response appears to have been sufficient for Ukrainian authorities to single him out for harassment.

Due to the seizure of his passport, Shariy is currently in Barcelona, where he is subject to a travel ban until a decision on his extradition to Ukraine is reached. According to President Zelensky’s spokesperson at the Constitutional Court, Shariy would appear before a Ukrainian court and be held guilty per Ukrainian legislation.

Shariy shared a photo of his wife feeding parrots in Barcelona to express his displeasure at his arrest with the caption, “This really is a comedy.”

The arrest of Shariy calls into question if Ukraine is truly a democratic beacon when its officials treat dissidents in precisely the same way that dissidents in Russia are handled.

A video from the Associated Press was published last month, showing the organization accompanying armed men from the Ukraine Security Service as they kidnapped and jailed dissidents in their own homes.