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About The Liberty Revolution

Exhausted by the mainstream media’s manipulation of the truth? Tired of the coordinated, pre-planned media agenda? Our editors here at The Liberty Revolution were tired of seeing news stories twisted to fit a biased narrative, so we did something about it: we launched a news site that provides factual, honest reporting to the readers we value so much.

Readers of The Liberty Revolution share our similar values. Like you, we’re dedicated to justice, fair reporting, truthful fact-checking, and protecting our Constitutional freedoms. We take a strong stand against fake news, corruption, and misleading information. Our team is dedicated to giving our readers news from a source that honors the American way of life and does not divide or subject them to assaults on their intelligence.

Every day, our editorial team reviews the latest news. We sift through the opinions and spin to identify the facts in each story. While we strive to share balanced points of view, we work to avoid editorialized opinion, sensationalism, and bias.

Our team believes that you deserve trustworthy, honest news. Here at The Liberty Revolution, our editors hope that you’ll find the integrity-based reporting you’re looking for on our pages. We want you to have all the information you need to guard your Constitutional rights, your household, and your family. We’ll work to expose the truth about our political leaders, back-room deals, the latest legislation, and government spending so you’ll be in the know.

The team at The Liberty Revolution understands the value of each reader. We trust that the stories we publish will help you begin every new day feeling informed, whether you’re reading on your commute or spending a slow morning over coffee.

Got a hot tip you want to share? See an error in one of our stories? Want to ask a question or share a concern? Don’t hesitate to hit reply on your daily email and let us know. We want to hear from you, and we appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions. Just reply to one of our news updates or email today(at)thelibertyrevolution.com. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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