Cop Barks Like a Dog To Trick Teens Into Surrendering

Last month, one deputy in Washington State barked like a law enforcement dog to get a group of adolescents accused of auto theft to surrender.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department explained that on August 18, deputies went to a report of a stolen car near a graveyard in University Place.

A deputy set up a stop stick trap and watched for the stolen car, which investigators say had 4 flat tires after driving over the stick. Despite the cops’ best efforts, the suspects kept going.

After a long search, deputies located the automobile near Lakewood. However, the suspects had already abandoned it. Authorities cordoned off a forested area to look for those suspected, and body cam video shows that a deputy saw four juvenile offenders in a stream bed.

The deputy is heard shouting that the police have arrived and warned the suspects that they would unleash the K-9. The footage then shows a deputy barking like a dog.

The video shows an officer barking at the suspects, and they eventually give up and surrender. After a successful sting operation, the police take them into custody and handcuff them.

The Sheriff’s Department called it an A+ for the initiative in developing a plan to coerce these young vehicle thieves into giving themselves up.

A video of Sergeant Darren Moss praising the deputy’s inventiveness and finding a method to get these youngsters to comply was shared on social media.

The youngsters were so sure there was a dog that they eventually admitted to the deputies that they had to surrender when they heard the dog.

The identity of the individuals and the potential accusations against them were not disclosed.

The K9 unit of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office is capable of tracking down suspects, searching buildings, and discovering hidden evidence. There are two German Shepherds and two Belgian Malinois.