Trump Demands Companies Reveal Adverse Vaccine Effects

With mounting worries regarding adverse occurrences associated with COVID-19 vaccinations, former President Donald Trump recently weighed in on the topic in an exclusive interview with conservative political pundit and former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon.

Dixon questioned Trump on the difficulties Americans have had since the outbreak and his position on future shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 virus. Trump said unequivocally that his administration would not impose shutdowns and voiced doubt that the current health issue was caused exclusively by COVID-19.

Trump said he always felt Biden did a poor job with COVID and made many bad choices, particularly with the waste of money and what they were doing.

Tudor Dixon brought up Biden’s announcement of funding for a new vaccine, noting that there have been myocarditis, blood clots, and heart attacks but that many pharmaceutical firms have refused to provide data on vaccination’s adverse effects.

Trump called on the pharmaceutical industry to be completely transparent. The former president said vaccine manufacturers must be liable for any harm they cause. He said they must be forthright with all information, including financial data.

Tudor Dixon highlighted the public’s desire for President Trump to continue speaking for them, including those dubious of vaccinations and those whom vaccines have wounded.

Trump said he would be there for them in many ways, he promised.

In a video address published last week, President Trump strongly rebuked efforts to bring back COVID-19 limitations, including lockdowns and mandatory mask and vaccination requirements. Trump’s remarks came as new COVID-19 versions are causing fear that they may be used to influence the 2024 presidential election. On Truth Social, Trump said that “left-wing lunatics” use fear tactics to pave the way for more regulations. He said the true goal is to “restart the COVID panic” to influence the forthcoming 2024 election.

As a result of Trump’s remarks, doubts have been raised concerning the openness of vaccination data and the possibility of a revival of the pandemic due to growing worries about adverse occurrences associated with COVID-19 vaccines.