Texas Sends 12th Migrant Bus To ‘Sanctuary’ City

On Monday morning, about a week after Los Angeles city authorities agreed to seek legal action against the Lone Star State, a twelfth bus carrying migrants from Texas arrived in the city of Angels.

According to the office of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, the bus rolled into Union Station at about 7:15 a.m. on Monday.

A bus carrying migrants from nations such as Honduras, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and Russia was stopped and searched. The group had 23 men, 20 women, and 21 kids.

According to Zach Seidle, the city’s deputy mayor of communications and spokesman for the mayor, the city has been working with municipal agencies, the county, a coalition of nonprofit groups, and religion partners to follow a plan developed earlier this year.

It had been over a week after the Los Angeles City Council had unanimously decided to take legal action against Texas over its migrant transportation program when the bus finally showed up. The city council has requested an investigation into whether or not Texas Governor Greg Abbott has broken the law concerning the program and whether or not the lawsuit is warranted.

Seidle added that the City Council should call on President Biden to take urgent action to secure the border instead of moaning about dealing with a fraction of the catastrophe our little border communities face daily.

On June 9th, the Los Angeles City Council passed a measure officially designating Los Angeles as a sanctuary city.

Since illegal immigrants from Mexico flooded the border area of Texas, Abbott has continued to organize the relocations. Texas should not bear the brunt of a federal policy that damages Abbott’s state.

Governor Abbott and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis have been sending migrants to other cities nationwide. DeSantis famously sent a wave of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. They were promptly sent elsewhere.