Teen Rushed to Hospital After Collapse on Football Field

In the United States, national professional sports often play large roles in the lives of individuals. American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and other athletic games encompass the lives of many citizens across the country and especially play a central role in the activities of young people. In many cases, boys and girls across the union enter sports at young ages, building character, teambuilding and social skills. In some instances, if talented enough, individuals may receive the opportunity to play high school sports at the varsity level, or even at the college level. In limited circumstances, scholarship offers for athletes in higher education can present themselves in association with sports, and many youthful citizens across the country strive annually to achieve these opportunities. These scholarships are extremely coveted, as less than 2% of American high school athletes annually receive them.

Unfortunately, some contact sports (such as football or hockey) can often pose risks to the long term health of young adults. In American football in particular, athletes at every age level increasingly deal with traumatic injuries. Commonly, head injuries like concussions occur which can damage long term cognitive health, and in extreme circumstances injuries to the cardiovascular regions can cause serious life threatening situations. On Friday, September 1st in the state of Pennsylvania, a scary incident occurred which resulted in the hospitalization of Karns City High School quarterback Mason Martin.

In the third quarter of the game, Martin began to stumble on the field. Referee Mike Vasbiner quickly noticed Martins struggles and approached him. After Vasbiner asked if he was okay, Martin simply replied, “no”, and then collapsed. He was airlifted by helicopter to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh; the game was ended, and Red Bank was awarded victory after leading 35-6. Martin suffered a collapsed lung and a serious brain “bleeding” injury. A prayer vigil was subsequently held at the high school stadium by Karns City Superintended Eric Ritzert.