Trump Reveals $1 Million Offer To “Frame” Him

Former President Donald Trump took to Truth Social to claim that British spy Christopher Steele was offered $1 million by the FBI to frame him, according to Newsmax. Steele was the person responsible for compiling an opposition research dossier from anonymous sources that sought to tie Trump to Russia. Much of the claims have been debunked and put into question as the legitimacy of Steele and his source, Igor Danchenko, was put under the microscope. 

Trump wrote that the FBI gave Steele $1 million to compile the report and frame him as an operative of Russia. The former president then questioned why no one was being prosecuted for the crime. The Durham report confirms that Steele was paid $1 million for his work on the dossier. The dossier is responsible for the institution of the Crossfire Hurricane team that further investigated Russian collusion. It also led to the Mueller investigation. 

But as the Durham report states, the operation could not find any evidence of the allegations written in the dossier. “Nor was Steele able to produce corroboration for any of the reported allegations, even after being offered $1 million or more by the FBI for such corroboration,” the report reads. 

An interesting note is that the same team FBI division involved in the raid of the former president’s home in Mar-a-Lago was under investigation by John Durham, according to American Pigeon. The magazine notes that Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten, who vetted the falsified Steele dossier and worked to discredit evidence of Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings, is handling the documents obtained in the FBI’s raid. 

Danchenko, a main source for the dossier, had previously been hired by the FBI before he was investigated by the agency for his willingness to sell classified information. Nevertheless, he was used and accepted as a veritable source to push the Russia collusion hoax.