“Basement Biden” Won’t Have His Home To Quietly Wait Out 2024

Most of Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign was focused on the state of Delaware, where he was sometimes called “Basement Biden.” 

As the pandemic spread nationwide, he organized online fundraisers and events without leaving his house. President Biden’s fourth bid for president in 2024 is believed to differ significantly from his most recent campaign in 2020, with a greater focus on in-person events, retail politics, and huge speaking engagements. It offers a marked difference from the pandemic era that dampened his ability to gladhand the public.

His Republican opponent, then-President Donald Trump, criticized him for his limited profile, saying he should have campaigned more openly and faced more audiences.

In contrast, Trump continued to hold massive campaign rallies nationwide, drawing thousands of supporters despite the pandemic. 

According to a new NBC poll released over the weekend, seven out of ten Americans think Biden should retire, with the majority citing his age as the main reason. The president, at age 80, is the oldest ever to hold the post, and his seniority is seen as a negative in the next 2024 election. 

Only 6% of Americans have expressed interest in a 2020 rematch between Trump and Biden.

Democratic strategist Joe Lestingi says massive speaking events are unnecessary for a Biden win.

There is no need for hellfire. “Rah Rah” rallies are unnecessary. 

‘I hope Biden will get out more,’ Lestingi said.

The president’s expertise in ‘retail politics’ can make a “real big difference,” he argued. 

The NBC poll gives Trump a 15-point advantage against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor is widely anticipated to announce his candidacy for president in 2024 in the coming months.

On Tuesday morning, Biden issued a campaign video declaring his reelection, in which he criticized the country’s status under former President Trump and pledged to work ‘for every generation’ of Americans.