China Quickly Capitalizes On Trump’s Indictment

According to a report, the indictment of former President Donald Trump has been used by Chinese Communist Party officials and affiliated media to doubt the validity of American democracy.

As former President Trump was indicted on 34 charges of fraud earlier this week, some state-run media sources aired pieces portraying the prosecution as a symptom of American decline. To make the US seem bad,  social media users in China trolled the US, praising Trump as a CCP double agent. 

The indictment, according to an article published by the Global Times, an official CCP state-run media outlet, further exposed the failure of the US political system amid heightened political division.  

In an opinion piece, Prof. Wang Wen, executive dean of China’s Renmin University’s Chongyang Center for Financial Studies, said that the United States seems hypocritical for bringing charges against a former president so soon after holding a Summit for Democracy.

Reports show the Biden administration recently hosted the Summit for Democracy to spread liberal democratic ideas worldwide. Not every democracy was invited, and several of the invited nations were regarded as dictatorial.

On Twitter, several world leaders backed Trump, notably Viktor Orban of Hungary, that Trump should never stop fighting. 

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, also backed him.

Bukele wrote that one could believe anything they want about the reasons former President Trump is being prosecuted.  But think about what would happen if the administration of any other nation had detained the leading opposing candidate.
The U.S. foreign strategy that relied on promoting “democracy” is now useless.

According to reports, Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House, has threatened to make Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg accountable for the prosecution of ex-President Trump.

Through the use of federal funding and the invocation of federal legislation, Alvin Bragg is seeking to meddle with the democratic process. Congress will investigate the DA’s weaponization of the federal court system, and he will be made accountable.