City Asks For “Donations” After Migrant Crisis

The mayor of Portland, Maine, warned in the spring of 2022 that the burden on social services was putting a severe strain on the city’s budget due to the surge of people crossing the southern border.

According to reports, Portland is now soliciting tax-deductible contributions to assist thousands of illegal immigrants. City authorities said last week that the Portland Expo Center would be used to house these asylum applicants who have entered the US illegally.

Kristen Dow, director of Portland’s Department of Health and Human Services, stated that the goal is to open the expo with a full slate of services designed specifically for the illegals staying in the area.

Many of the people who are being targeted are those who enter the nation illegally but then, after they are already here, claim asylum. They are then given a court date, often far in the future, when it will be decided if they are legitimate asylum seekers. After that, they usually travel to Maine, where they will use the free resources.

A report reveals that from now through the end of August, the ExpoCenter will be available to illegals.  The city of Portland cannot finance this, so the administration has turned to fundraising.

According to a notification posted online by the city, any funds donated will be used to cover the costs of providing food, clothing, and shelter to those in need.

If freebies are handed out, illegal immigrants are sure to appear. Giving illegal immigrants free food, lodging, and other necessities merely encourages them to enter the city in the first place.  New York City has the same problem.

Because of President Joe Biden’s border policies, the US is experiencing a historic illegal immigration crisis, and the situation in Portland and the rest of the country is only worsening.

According to FairUS, more than 15.5 million illegal immigrants and over five million children result in federal, state, and municipal government expenses totaling over $182 billion annually.