Fox News Thought Tucker Carlson Was “Expendable”

According to 19FortyFive, after losing its most popular host, Tucker Carlson, Fox News may have noticed a drop in viewers. However, the decision is paying off for Fox Corp. in the long run, thanks to the approval of Madison Avenue advertisers.

Following Tucker Carlson’s departure, Fox News rebranded its 8 p.m. program as “Fox News Tonight,” on its first Thursday, the show averaged 1.5 million viewers, down from 3 million on Carlson’s last week. For his time slot, his show received the highest ratings among the key 25-54-year-old advertising demographic.

Despite Carlson’s show’s massive success, advertisers avoided it because of its contentious content and fiery tone. Especially when Carlson, in 2018, criticized the influx of unskilled immigrants instead of highly educated ones, this became the case. A boycott ensued when Carlson said this made the country more impoverished, dirtier, and divided.

The report reveals that several products marketed towards women, such as Gillette’s Venus razor blades and Secret deodorant, have returned since the show was canceled.

Carlson may have been fired because of his track record as a person who did not follow corporate policy.

Even though many of Tucker Carlson’s fans have left the network since he was fired, Fox is holding out hope that its next big star is just around the corner. They look back and realize that it has weathered the loss of Roger Ailes, Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck.

Fox, according to The Telegraph,  might lose its main viewership since it let go of its most vocal and, some would argue, conservative host. 

Victor Davis Hanson, a conservative historian, said Fox would not be able to find a suitable replacement for Carlson.

In his interview with The Telegraph, Hanson said that after popular hosts quit or are let go, every reduction is amplified. Newsmax and the rest of the competition will steal your readers and viewers. 

Fox’s Stock worth over $800 million has been wiped out. Newsmax has seen a doubling of its readership. 

Hanson doesn’t believe they can recruit another person with Tucker’s blend of wit, friendliness, and expertise.