Jordan Unveils ‘Facebook Files’ – Confirms Censorship

And yet again the White House has been caught colluding with big tech to censor Americans’ social media posts. In a new set of documents that is being dubbed the “Facebook Files,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan uncovered evidence that the White House was pressuring officials of Meta over posts that they did not like, according to The Daily Wire

The files were obtained only after his panel threatened to hold Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in contempt of Congress. The panel decided to hold off on that action unless Meta stopped complying with the investigation. Jordan took to Twitter to reveal the documents, beginning by saying that the Biden administration sought to target “misinformation.”

In April 2021, an employee at Facebook reportedly wrote an email that said the company was facing “continued pressure from external stakeholders” to remove posts, including memes. Andy Slavitt, a senior advisor to Biden, was reportedly “outraged” that Facebook was not removing certain posts. 

Nick Clegg, the president for global affairs at Facebook, responded to Slavitt saying that removing the meme would be against the First Amendment. But despite the company and the White House being at odds with one another, internal communication reveals that Facebook wanted to review its relationship with the administration to avoid adverse actions. 

In another instance, the White House was reportedly angered that Facebook did not remove a video posted on the platform by Tucker Carlson. The company then prepared a response and assured the administration that it demoted the video by 50 percent, despite noting that the video did not go against any policy. But this was not enough for the administration and Biden went on to denounce Facebook, alleging that it was “killing people” for not censoring “misinformation.” 

It was then that Facebook altered its policies to conform with the wishes of the White House.