JP Morgan Chase Bank Told To Stop Censoring Conservatives

In a letter to JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, 19 Republican AGs threatened legal action against the bank if it did not stop canceling the accounts of conservative groups. 

The letter begins with a stern warning that Chase will face repercussions if they continue discriminating against people based on their political beliefs. The letter stated that this kind of bias cannot be tolerated. The letter read that Chase must immediately end this type of conduct and bring its business practices in line with the anti-discrimination policies it publicly endorses.

Daniel Cameron, the state’s attorney general, was the letter’s primary author. Cameron is a candidate for governor of Kentucky and has Trump’s support.

The conservative, pro-life nonprofit Family Council had its account with a credit card processor controlled by Chase closed in 2021. The same year, Chase’s subsidiary WePay denied service to a conservative organization because its members’ ideas were synonymous with racial intolerance, violence, hate, and terrorism.

Cameron and the other 18 Republican AGs stated that they were concerned that conservative citizens of their states might have their Chase bank accounts closed. The letter’s authors worry that many people in their states, including those in Kentucky, are at risk of being cut off from banking services “without notice or recourse” due to a “pattern of discrimination.”

The Republican AGs concluded their letter by calling Chase to stop its political bias and religious discrimination and commit to being inclusive, where everyone feels welcome and equal.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is a prominent member of the World Economic Forum. Dimon has also supported ESG investing, which helps woke capital by offering financial incentives for businesses to employ woke workers and adhere to woke standards.

Many people think Cameron is the clear frontrunner because he has received the endorsement of President Trump.