12yo Charged After Attacking Student With Acid

Prosecutors in Michigan have filed assault and battery charges against a 12-year-old girl who they say dumped acid on another girl, 11, at a playground in Detroit, causing the younger child to get chemical burns. 

According to the statement released by Wayne County’s prosecutor, Kym Worthy, the unnamed defendant is being charged with felony assault with the intent to inflict severe bodily damage.

Deaira Summers was attacked on July 9 while playing at a park with her brothers and cousins, according to a statement made by their mother, Dominique Summers. Dominique Summers has launched a GoFundMe campaign in which she makes such a claim.

These allegations give rise to grave worries. Worthy said in a statement about the attack that a wrong choice made in an instant can have repercussions for others that last a lifetime.

She said that the perpetrator’s mother had provided her with the substance. 

“Her mother met her in the park and gave her the chemical to throw on the kids,” she said to Fox Detroit, adding, “and she told the kids that this is what they get for messing with her daughter.” 

The toddler’s burns were so severe that an ambulance was needed to transport her to the hospital. She had second and third-degree burns on her back, it was confirmed during the inspection.

Deaira reportedly told the media outlet, “Two seconds after it hit me, it started burning.” 

Her mother claims that Deaira has had trouble sleeping ever since the event and seldom eats. The Detroit Public Schools Community District launched a probe into the incident since it occurred on district property. 

It has been mandated that the accused girl has no contact with Deaire or any of the other witnesses. They expect her to show up in court on Tuesday.