Arnold Schwarzenegger Lands Big Role At Netflix

Netflix has promoted Arnold Schwarzenegger to the position of CAO.

Chief Action Officer.

With a statement posted on Monday, the streaming service verified the report and said no one knows action like Schwarzenegger.

They stated that Arnold is working nonstop to offer the public the world’s greatest action-packed television shows and movies. Netflix promised an “exhilarating ride” with their “cranked-up” action lineup.

Schwarzenegger announces his new position in a Netflix promotional film by driving a tank over a Mercedes-Benz.

After arriving at Netflix’s offices, Schwarzenegger states in the clip that nobody loves action more than he does, and for this reason, he’s taken a position as Netflix’s Chief Action Officer– a very high-ranking position.

The ex-governor of California then went on to promote the streaming service’s lineup of action movies and TV shows, which includes a new season of “The Witcher,” starring Henry Cavill, “Extraction 2,” starring Chris Hemsworth, and “Heart of Stone,” starring Gal Gadot.

He said he’s working around the clock to bring the biggest action to the viewers, and “nobody hits like Netflix.”

An upcoming action comedy series, “FUBAR,” stars Schwarzenegger and Monica Barbaro as a father and daughter who discover they are both covertly working for the CIA.

Schwarzenegger confessed that the scenes between the father and daughter were not easy. He said getting the desired chemistry with just the perfect amount of comedy and seriousness was sometimes challenging. 

He said having Monica by his side and working on scenes with her meant a lot to him.

Schwarzenegger said in the interview that adapting to television is difficult.

The series is a spin-off from his movie True Lies. He said a lot of self-control was required since a lot was going on, and it is much longer.

To complete a series, “You have to stay disciplined for a longer period of time,” he said.

He said the actor has to adapt their performance of this one character across a wide range of episodes and settings, and you must fight the urge to repeat yourself.

“Range” has not typically been a hallmark of the action star’s career.