Biden Family Called “Monsters” For Denying Lovechild Legitimacy

Hunter Biden recently resolved the ongoing child support dispute with a former exotic dancer named Lunden Roberts who had been asking for more financial support from him for the raising of their daughter, Navy Joan. The terms of the settlement see Hunter Biden paying a smaller amount per month for his daughter, although the specific amount has not been released. 

Hunter Biden was previously shelling out $20,000 per month before arguing that a change in his income made this amount unfeasible for him in September of 2022. He was taken to court by Roberts, who failed to increase the amount of child support back to previous levels. Roberts has also agreed to stop her attempts to have Navy Joan’s surname changed to Biden. 

Hunter Biden formerly denied any link to Navy Joan before paternity tests proved he was her biological father in 2020. Lunden, 32, and Biden, 53, met at the Mpire strip club in Washington, DC, in 2017. Roberts worked as a stripper in Mpire at the time after having moved to DC from Arkansas. Hunter Biden got Roberts pregnant at the same time as he was dating his late brother Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden. Roberts gave birth to Navy Joan in August of 2018 and Navy Joan is now four-years-old. 

The Biden family has consistently refused to recognize Navy Joan, and President Biden has left her out of comments about his grandchildren, failing to count her as a member of the family. Even leftist media is getting a bad taste in its mouth, with CNN contributor Scott Jennings recently saying that he finds the Bidens to be “monsters” for denying their own flesh and blood. 

Part of this settlement reached in Arkansas court will see Hunter Biden donate some of his paintings and artwork to his young daughter which are up to her to choose. Hunter Biden’s artwork is estimated in value ranging from $75,000 up to $500,000 and have raised serious concerns about being inflated value as a way for lobbyists to buy influence in the Biden administration.