Biden Gets Called “Mr. Magoo” As He Struggles In UK

After a video from President Biden’s trip to the UK went viral on Monday, critics said the president seemed lost and needed help. This was Biden’s first trip to the UK since King Charles III was crowned earlier this year to see the monarch. The Biden administration has signaled that climate change concerns and the continuing War in Ukraine would be at the forefront of its diplomatic efforts during the week of the European visit.

After exchanging pleasantries, they all went outside to see the Windsor Castle Guard Inspection. While the president was still talking, King Charles attempted to pull Biden away from the guard. Biden glanced between the king and the guard before finally following the king away from the assembled troops. Many on Twitter saw this as another “horrible” optics moment showing that the president needed a handler to direct his actions. Many likened him to Mr. Magoo.

As a podcast presenter, Joey Mannarino once said, “This is dementia walk in full color and 1080p.”

GB News analyst Darren Grimes tweeted a video of former President Trump meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, writing, “A reminder of how good Trump was for Britain and how much I miss our late Queen.”

While giving a speech in Connecticut in June, Biden oddly concluded by saying, “God Save the Queen,” even though Queen Elizabeth II had passed away in September 2022. Principal Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton stated that Biden “was commenting to someone in the crowd.”

Collin Rugg, co-owner of Trending Politics, brought out how, in 2018, mainstream press criticized a video showing President Trump strolling with Queen Elizabeth for the inspection, deeming the interaction inappropriate because he walked ahead of the Queen.

Rugg wondered why Biden was not receiving the same media treatment when Biden walked ahead of the King.

Perhaps Biden gets a free pass because he is a Democrat. Or maybe he gets a free pass because, as opposed to Trump, Biden is both an ill and stupid man.