Biden Roasted For Telling Another Lie About House Fire

People on social media have attacked President Joe Biden for comparing a tiny fire in his house and the destruction caused by natural catastrophes in Hawaii and Hurricane Idalia, which is now unfolding in Florida.

Biden has been making great political use of a small fire that broke out in his home long ago. People have accused Biden of misrepresenting how the fire had destroyed his house. Social media users attacked Biden for giving the impression that he was making the tragedy about himself.

The serial liar President would have you believe that the damage inflicted by the fire at Biden’s residence, which did not spread outside of the kitchen area, was far higher than the destruction many people in Hawaii have faced due to catastrophic wildfires. One hundred people in the state have succumbed to the inferno.

Several people fact-checked Biden’s claims, pointing out that the fire extinguished by emergency personnel did not spread beyond the kitchen. In his address on the ongoing recovery efforts in Maui, which also included some observations on the situation in Florida as the state prepares to face Hurricane Idalia, President Joe Biden drew the parallel.

During his statement, he recounted an incident in which lightning struck his home, igniting a little fire. Consequently, he and his family were forced to find other accommodations for over half a year while their home underwent renovations.

Biden claimed half his house collapsed.

Conservatives on social media have lashed out at Biden for his claims, and some have offered the accurate context surrounding what transpired in his house.

Jake Schneider, director of the Republican Party’s Rapid Response Team, remarked on X, “You must be kidding me,” while seeming offended by Biden’s claim. Matt Whitlock, a spokesperson for the Republican Party, pointed out that Biden did it “again,” claiming that a fire at his home nearly resulted in the loss of his car. He has also said he’s almost lost Jill and his cat.

Elias Atienza, a reporter for “Check Your Fact,” published a report that corrected Joe Biden’s statement from Hawaii and applied to his most current recounting of the tale.

Atienza said that the fire department had noted the year before that the event was modest and that the lightning strike was the genesis of the fire, confined to the kitchen and under control within twenty minutes.