Biden’s Email Alias Raises Eyebrows

Concerns were raised among Republicans in 2016 after an email sent to “Robert L. Peters” and copied to “Hunter Biden” regarding Ukraine was forwarded to the Joe Biden email alias.

House investigators demanded disclosure of the attachment in the email sent to Biden’s fake account last Thursday. They want to know why Hunter Biden was copied on the email about Ukraine.

According to Marco Polo’s report, Joe Biden used the “Robert L. Peters” identity in 27 emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Some emails may record formal government activity, while others are more likely to be personal correspondence.

In 2016, Biden’s former top aide, John Flynn, sent an email to Biden’s fake identity. WHCA’s Primary Alternative Contingency Emergency (P.A.C.E.) communications standards were met since the email came from a “” domain on a government network.

Officials seldom utilize a secret government network under a false name. Former Deputy Assistant to President Trump and current Deputy Director of National Intelligence Kash Patel has said that the domain name is just as questionable as the emails sent by Hillary Clinton.

As early as 2021, Republican senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin questioned the White House about Joe Biden’s use of a fictitious email account. The White House was uncooperative throughout.

Senator Johnson said that he has had doubts ever since his staff discovered this in 2021 and that after sending four letters to the White House on the topic, they had heard nothing back. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) is so intent on getting answers from President Joe Biden that he asked the National Archives to hand over all documents pertaining to Biden’s use of aliases.

Kash Patel said this is evidence that Biden is tied to his son’s bribery schemes.

In light of what President Trump has gone through, Patel asked where the indictments were.