CEO Was At “Underground” Parties Before Death

Murdered Cash App founder Bob Lee frequently attended decadent underground parties for San Francisco’s wealthy. The twist is he used to go with his killer’s married sister.

Friends of the Cash App founder have reportedly suggested that Lee’s death resulted from Lee’s kinky lifestyle in the high-class Bay Area, where promiscuity and drugs are common.

Both Lee, a recently deceased 43-year-old father of two who was well-known in wealthy circles as a member of “The Lifestyle,” and Khazar Momeni, the sister of alleged killer Nima Momeni, were believed to have enjoyed the city’s underground party scene.

According to those in the know, 37-year-old Khazar Momeni was romantically involved with Lee. According to reports, Khazar’s close pals were concerned that he was living in too much danger after he began hanging out with the “wrong people.”

According to the prosecution, Lee was stabbed multiple times in the early hours of April 4 after Nima questioned him about his heavy drinking and his sister’s involvement in an incident.

It was barely 16 minutes from Khazar’s apartment that Lee was reportedly staggered around, screaming for help, before passing out close to the Bay Bridge. A former coworker of Lee’s reports that the former Google employee was passionate about his work on Cash App, a popular alternative to Venmo.

Friends and associates claim that when Lee had spare time, he went to raves worldwide and used illegal drugs like cocaine and ketamine.

Another of Lee’s friends, Devon Meyers, has said that the gatherings appeared to be a method for the IT programmer to unwind and network with other influential individuals. Devon mentioned that events hosted by “The Lifestyle” had strict rules that would kick out anyone acting too drunk and sexually forward.

Lee, already separated from his wife, was accused of consuming potent drugs and having sexual encounters with other women, including Khazar, at parties.

According to the prosecution, Nima confronted Lee on April 3 at a home party, asking if Lee and his sister were “doing drugs or anything inappropriate.”

The autopsy results from the Medical Examiner revealed that Lee tested positive for ketamine and cocaine.

According to the evidence in court, Khazar texted Lee around the time of his murder to see how he was doing.

Nima was arrested and charged with murder on April 13th. 

If proven guilty, he faces up to 26 years in prison. According to his lawyer Paula Canny, he intends to plead not guilty.