China Is Tracking a US Warship Through the Taiwan Straight

President XI of China and President Putin of Russia have been exchanging meetings. The nuclear power couple is joining forces under the guise of keeping the world safe in a veiled warning to America to stay out of Taiwan and Ukraine.

Putin and XI held two days of talks regarding a “new era” between the two European superpowers. The two leaders discussed possible proposals for ending the Russia-Ukraine conflict. 

In February 2022, President Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine to begin. 

China was put on alert when it discovered the USS Milius American warship moving through the strait that separates China and Taiwan. 

China condemned the vessel’s illegal intrusion into South China Sea territorial waters that are claimed by China. On April 17, The USS Milius visited the Taiwan Strait again. 

American ships in the area are a follow-up US reaction to the recent war games China practiced around the small island. 

During the exercises, China sent 54 planes into the Taiwan air defense identification zone (ADIZ), the most in the area since October of 2021. 

In the event of a Beijing invasion, leaked documents indicate that China could quickly establish air superiority over Taiwan. Even with US help, Taiwan could fall to a Chinese attack.

Taiwan’s air and missile defense systems may not be able to detect missile launches from the Chinese mainland. Estimates show that only half of Taiwan’s military air force would be able to effectively engage Chinese pilots. 

US officials have long suspected that China’s motive in this alliance is China’s exporting weapons to Moscow for use by Russian forces in Ukraine. China has denied US claims. 

Pentagon documents made public by 21-year-old Jack Teixeira, an Airman in the National Guard, claiming the US has intelligence that shows China has approved sending arms to Russia.

Ukraine officials in Kyiv said on April 14 that a growing number of weapons are being discovered with Chinese-made components being used by Russian soldiers.