CNN Host Notes Trump’s Mindblowing Poll Numbers

Last week, CNN’s Dana Bash had questions for Julie Chavez Rodriguez, campaign manager for President Joe Biden, on former President Donald Trump’s increasing poll numbers.

According to a recent CNN survey, 41% of Americans approve of President Biden, while 51% feel that the economy is getting worse. When asked about how he has handled the economy, respondents gave Biden a 37% approval rating.

Bash said three indictments have already been filed against ex-President Trump, and a fourth is expected before the end of the week. According to the polls, he is in a dead heat with your candidate. That must mean something,

Bash pressed Rodriguez for details on the campaign’s strategy to reverse Biden’s declining popularity.
Rodriguez emphasized that they aren’t going to take anything, including votes, for granted in this election. She claimed to be thrilled by any support they are receiving from various groups and individuals, including state and local elected officials, members of their national advisory board, and members of a historic coalition of organizations, including women’s groups, labor unions, and conservation organizations.

Reports show that at a rally on Saturday in Columbia, South Carolina, Trump boasted that his campaign was ‘kicking Biden’s ass’ in the polls. Trump’s poll ratings remain strong despite the three indictments, and the data suggests he’s within the range of error of Biden.

According to a recent survey shared with The Daily Signal, former President Donald Trump is increasing his lead over the other candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination.

According to the most recent national poll conducted by Scott Rasmussen, Donald Trump maintains a commanding lead over his closest rival by a margin of 47 points thanks to the backing of sixty percent of Republican primary voters.

Vivek Ramaswamy polled a distant second with 13 percent, while Ron DeSantis followed with 8 percent.
It is the second time in the most recent three national polls conducted by Scott Rasmussen that President Biden’s Job Approval Rating has fallen below 40%. His approval rating is 37%, which is the lowest level in 2023 so far.