CNN Panel Slams Pence For Soft Stance On Trump

According to a far-left report, despite Mike Pence’s disagreements with Donald Trump and Pence’s apparent lack of traction in the GOP’s 2024 race, CNN This Morning mocked his attempts to market himself to the MAGA movement.

Elie Honig and Errol Louis joined Erica Hill and Poppy Harlow to discuss the former vice president’s conversation with Dana Bash. In this interview, Pence claimed he was not convinced of Trump’s guilt in relation to January 6, and he downplayed an alleged risk of violence due to Trump’s fiery comments and complaints towards Special Counsel Jack Smith. 

According to a foreign report, since he declared his candidacy for president last month, Pence has avoided making any direct attacks on Trump. At a town hall meeting in New Hampshire last week, a voter questioned his strategy, and he defended his plan.

Pence said he had no interest in exchanging barbs with his old friend. That’s the strategy, according to some voters. He said his campaign has been outlining the options for the American people, and they’re going to stay at it.

Pence is up against his former running-mate, former President Donald Trump, in addition to his own track record, and the situation is becoming bad for him. Pence seems to be having a hard time making headway in the Republican primary for president.

Reports show that although he has 97 percent name recognition with Republicans, he has only managed to get single-digit support in surveys. He announced his intention to run in early June, and since then, the average poll has shown that his popularity has fluctuated around 6.3%.

In August, the first Gop presidential primary debate will take place. To participate, candidates must meet strict fundraising and polling thresholds. Pence has met the polling standards, but his campaign’s financial health won’t be known until he files his campaign’s financial reports.