Concealed Carry Holder Protects Himself From Would-Be Carjackers

This month, a concealed carry permit holder in Chicago turned the script on a carjacking attempt, shooting both the would-be thief (already on probation for a prior carjacking) and his suspected accomplice (who was not).

CWB Chicago reports that an adult suspect, subsequently identified as 20-year-old Darick Benson and a juvenile girl both received gunshot wounds after an abortive attempt to rob an unnamed rideshare driver.

Court records show that at midnight on August 12, the rideshare agent picked up the felon and a female passenger at the 1500 block of South Millard. They both climbed into the backseat of the SUV. Already on probation for a carjacking case late last year, Benson reportedly produced a revolver and aimed it at the back of the driver’s head, turning the scenario violent.

The driver, also a concealed carry permit holder, suddenly stopped the car and hopped out. Once he regained his calm, he drew his weapon and fired three shots into the back of his vehicle, hitting Benson and the woman.

Asst. State’s Atty. John Kyle told CWB Chicago that Benson fired back while trying to drive away in the SUV, but he could not because the key fob was in the driver’s pocket.

After that, both of them ran away, leaving two telephones behind.

According to Kyle, one of the suspects stole the driver’s phone after he leaped out of the car and left it behind.

The girl was located by police approximately a block from where the crime was committed.

Her right arm was wounded, and the driver’s phone was nearby.

Police discovered Benson and his gun at an apartment building entrance. He’d been shot in the leg.

He was detained on charges of aggravated vehicle hijacking and discharging a handgun during an armed robbery. Both are serious crimes.

Judge Charles Beach denied Benson bail.

During his bail hearing, Benson’s public counsel, Emily Motin, contended that the prosecution had not shown sufficient evidence to justify holding him without bond.
Benson’s gunshot wound was “tangible proof of your closeness in time to that crime,” as Judge Beach pointed out.

In September 2021, Benson was allegedly discovered by police in Chicago while operating a stolen car. The original probation resulted from his guilty plea to the lesser offense of possessing a stolen motor vehicle.