Democrat Governor Vetos Bill To Ban Critical Race Theory In Schools 

( A measure in Arizona expressly forbidding judging a person based on their race or ethnicity was rejected by its governor. It also made it illegal to teach that one race or ethnic group is fundamentally morally or intellectually superior to another race or ethnic group. 

Last week, Arizona’s Democratic governor, Katie Hobbs, rejected the measure that would have barred schools from teaching the idea of evaluating a person based on their skin color or that certain races or ethnicities are inherently racist or repressive. 

Arizona Senate Bill 1305 was enacted last month, outlining a set of forbidden racial subjects for teaching in the state’s elementary and secondary public schools. This past Thursday, Governor Hobbs vetoed the law, saying it was time to stop using children and teachers in cultural wars based on fearmongering and baseless charges. Legislation like SB1305 has the unintended consequence of provoking hostility. 

She asked the legislature to engage with her on the “actual challenges” facing Arizona schools: underfunded classrooms, a rising instructor retention crisis, and school facilities needing repair and replacement. 

Sponsor of SB1305 and Republican state senator J.D. Mesnard released a statement calling Hobbs’ action a “slap in the face.” 

Mesnard said he was profoundly dismayed by Governor Hobbs’ choosing to condone the discriminatory beliefs children are exposed to by vetoing his measure. 

Beverly Pingerelli, a Republican state representative, said Hobbs’ veto sends a worrying message that she is ready to allow “racially divisive curricula to be actively taught in Arizona schools.” 

Similar legislation forbidding teaching racist concepts in public schools to students in grades K-12 has been approved by the legislatures of many other states in recent years. For instance, in Florida, the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees (W.O.K.E.) The act forbids explicitly teaching the moral inferiority or superiority of any one race, as well as that a person’s race or ethnic background automatically makes them racist or oppressive and that they should be discriminated against because of it. 

The acronym has not gone unnoticed.