Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Live Action Gets Dramatic Woke Makeover

Disney has tried to hire a broad group of actors for its upcoming live-action adaptation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Hispanic actress Rachel Zegler will play Snow White, although other photographs from the set reveal a stunt double in the role. Also included were pictures of what was once called the “seven dwarves,” but are now simply called “magical creatures.”

The new magical creatures seem different from the animated dwarfs in the classic Disney film, as evidenced by photographs published on social media. They come in many shapes and sizes and represent many different races. 

Disney has stated that they would reimagine the dwarfs as magical beings rather than humans to prevent furthering negative stereotypes. Actor Peter Dinklage, who is dwarfed, voiced his disapproval of this choice. Dinklage is most known for his portrayal in “Game of Thrones.”

Pictures of a stand-in for Zegler as Snow White showed her in the classic blue and yellow attire and red robe as she strolled across a field with her fairy tale pals.

Casting Zegler, of Colombian and Polish descent, to play a character described as a German princess with unusually fair skin has previously aroused criticism.

In an October interview with Vanity Fair, she mentioned that some make fun of our “politically correct” Snow White, even though such an approach was “necessary.”

Only one of the seven new mystical beings depicted appears to be a dwarf, while the others all appear to be average-sized, human males and females. 

After Dinklage voiced his strong opposition to including dwarves in the film during a podcast interview with actor Marc Maron last year, Disney opted to rethink the seven dwarfs. 

Disney stated the actor’s complaint suggested a new direction for the dwarfs’ story. According to the firm, they spoke with people from the dwarfism community and decided to take a new approach with these seven characters not to perpetuate negative preconceptions from the first animated movie.

There will be a new movie in March of 2024.