Donald Trump Hires Former Jeb Bush Insider 

( Former President Donald Trump is starting to lay the groundwork for his 2024 presidential run, hiring people to lead his bid in early primary states. 

Politico reported recently that Trump has hired Trevor Naglieri as the state director of Trump’s campaign in New Hampshire for 2024. In the 2016 GOP primary, Naglieri served as a field coordinator for the campaign of Jeb Bush, who was then serving as governor of Florida. 

New Hampshire went heavily to Trump during the GOP presidential primary back in 2016 – the last time Trump’s candidacy in the GOP primary was in question. But, it’s going to be an important state for Trump, should he win the GOP nomination, because it’s a state that he lost in the 2016 and 2020 general elections to Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, respectively. 

Hiring someone to lead his efforts in the state is certainly not a surprise, but the choice in people may be to some. That’s because Trump repeatedly has said that current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – one of his potential top challengers in the GOP primary – is part of the establishment in the Republican Party. 

In fact, Trump has tried multiple times to tie DeSantis to Paul Ryan, the former Speaker of the House, as well as Bush. So, the question would be, then, that if Trump believes Bush is part of the establishment of the GOP and is against what he stands for, why would he hire one of his former campaign staffers? 

Whatever the reasoning behind the actual hire, New Hampshire is a key state in presidential primaries, as it’s the first primary that’s held in the country for presidential elections, and the second party contest. The Iowa caucuses are held first. 

New Hampshire is often seen as a critical state in primary races. Even though it’s a small state that doesn’t have a lot of votes in the Electoral College, New Hampshire is seen as a chance for presidential candidates to start building momentum as they seek to capture their party’s nomination. 

Earlier this week, Chris Christie – the former governor of New Jersey who could once be considered an ally of Trump’s – spoke at New Hampshire’s St. Anselm’s College, saying that he’s considered running for president in 2024 just to torpedo Trump’s campaign. 

Christie ran for the GOP nomination back in 2016, and campaigned very hard in New Hampshire. However, he was completely blown out in the state’s early primary, which led him to ultimately suspend his presidential campaign. 

While speaking to an audience at the college this week, Christie made a reference to how he went hard after Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio during presidential debates when he said: 

“You better have somebody on that stage who can do to him what I did to Marco because that’s the only thing that’s going to defeat Donald Trump. And that means you got to have the skill to do it, and that means you have to be fearless, because he will come back and right at you.”