Dylan Mulvaney Charging $40k For Speaking Appearances

Transgender TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney is charging $40,000 for speaking appearances to talk about topics like “female empowerment,” according to Breitbart. The transgender star is reportedly ready to begin a college speaking tour speaking to young impressionable youths as he announced that students are able to book him through Crista Spadafore

The agency reportedly confirmed that Mulvaney will be charging the exorbitant price, which is almost double the price of what he charged when he spoke at the University of Pittsburg. The university was in the midst of a controversy when President Danielle Floyd addressed the Student Government Board. She called out the alleged “anti-trans” events being hosted by conservative organizations like Turning Point USA. 

Mulvaney began his journey into womanhood in 2020. His TikTok series was titled, “Days of Girlhood,” which eventually culminated in him getting surgery to appear more feminine. The Chinese social media application proceeded to call the transgender a “trailblazer” that is making LGBTQ+ history. 

Bud Light briefly entered into a partnership with the star but received tremendous backlash that caused Bud Light to lose its number one spot as America’s beer to Modelo. Mulvaney responded to the controversy by turning on Bud Light, accusing the company of not doing enough to support him. 

Mulvaney’s presence at the University of Pittsburg and his soon-to-be other speaking engagements have caused some conservatives to speak out about the treatment that they receive for having different views. Jasmyn Jordan, a student representing the Young Americans for Freedom chapter for the University of Iowa, said that conservatives have to face hurdles in order to get a speaker that they want on campus, whereas those interested in getting Mulvaney to speak will have no issue. 

“Schools should be just as supportive of bringing in conservative speakers as they are with liberal speakers,” she said.